Be a winged messenger – Windriders from ENO

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I cycle everywhere – it’s by far the quickest option within central London and with the magnificent Congestion Charge, it’s actually quite safe (touch wood). The perennial problem for a cyclist is what to wear. And I’m not talking about practical condsiderations here, I’m talking about style. Obviously, you are limited as to what you can wear on a bike, but does all cycle wear have to be so depressingly utilitarian? Are we to have no pleasure? Are we not allowed to look good when we cycle?
In this grim landscape ENO’s ‘Windriders’ come as a bit of a revelation. Designer Gjis Bakker has taken the humble cycle clip, previously only seen on vicars, injected a bit of style and humour and created this stylish must-have. See lycra short designers, this is how you do it. Available from Collette.