All hail the original down to mars guy – Andre 3000

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You know when you see someone and you just know that, whatever ‘it’ is, they’ve got it in spades. For me, Andre 3000 Benjamin has so much it’ that when he wears something I don’t like, it makes me believe there must be something wrong with my eyes rather than the outfit.

So how to describe his style? Well, it would be difficult. He manages to combine a number of American classics in one: the preppy look, 1920s sportswear (i.e. knitwear, knickers and plus fours etc. rather than how we understand the term nowadays), work-wear and er… the hillbilly. He likes to play with proportions and has a healthy disregard for the rule about not combining different patterns.

He’s always on the edge of masculinity, but like Prince and Rick James, it only serves to affirm his sexuality. He’s one of those straight men that feels no need to prove it and girls (and boys) love him all the more for it.

He’s definitely a showman, but you get the impression he always knocks about wearing this kind of thing. At the end of the day I think its his relaxed style, his humour and his likeability which means he can carry off any look. [Images: Getty Images]