Patrick Wolf’s life in fashion

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patrickwolf.jpgI’m a big fan of Patrick Wolf, his unique style and interesting take on pop music make him stand out from the regular template of ‘4 guys and a guitar’ indie bands. In a recent interview with the Metro he explained : ‘I wanted to communicate visually as well as musically but, when I left home at 16, I didn’t have any money so I patched things together.’ Wolf continued: ‘I took ideas from Comme des Garçons, Alexander McQueen and Kokon to Zai and tried to make them out of a bit of old ritzy fabric. Or I’d buy Victorian fur and taxidermy and stick it all together to create a piece of theatre. It wasn’t about looking good, it was about having a story to tell’

Like the music his look for latest album ‘Magic Position’ is a lot more
pop: ‘The music is brighter and more positive. When I was making it I
felt like I was in a big colour wheel so I wore a lot of red, orange
and blue.’ Wolf recently starred in an advert for Burberry alongside model friend Agyness Deyn and Lily Donaldson: ‘I wont let any company brand me but that was a natural collaboration. I cut my hair with kitchen scissors the night before and had some fun. I was just asked to be myself.’
‘Like Adam Ant said, ridicule is nothing to be scared of. I’m happy to be a clown. We live in a such a conservative age, it’s nice to be the underdog. I’m 6ft4 so when I was a kid, nothing fitted me. I felt I couldn’t conform to the world. Now I wouldn’t have it any other way.’