Freemans Sporting Club so-bad-it’s-good T-shirt

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When I was younger I had a friend who’s family had framed posters of wolves howling at the moon and eagles in flight. Their holiday snaps would show mother draped supine and dreamy across tree stumps or sitting beatifically in a stone circle. There was something endearing about the family’s unselfconscious naffness.
There’s something of same tree-hugging pseudo-spirituality which has been captured in this Freemans Sporting Club T-shirt available from Refinery29. Label co-owner, Taavo Somer’s design depicts an empty kayak, perhaps deserted by a Native American who has gone into the woods to marvel at nature’s beauty or smoke a peace pipe. Click on the pic to see the beauty close up. It’s now in the sale at a very reasonable $20 so its dead cheep. Refinery promise that its printed on the softest cotton which they claim will like you’ve owned it your whole life.
Yes, I know it’s awful, but don’t you think its charming?