Jeans to bike in from Self Edge

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Continuing my quest to uncover the most stylish bike wear, I’ve come across these jeans from Iron Heart and Self Edge designed with the cyclist in mind.
The catchily titled SEXIH03 are fashioned from the heaviest weight Japanese denim, making them extremely hard-wearing. They also have a number of features designed for extra comfort and resilience when you’re pedaling: Extra belt loops will keep your belt in place against the downward pull of your jeans; a crotch seam which has been moved forward by an inch for extra comfort and decreased wear; rear pockets which will carry a D-lock; and a higher rise at the back and lower rise at the front to accommodate the seated cyclist and stop you flashing your bum crack to drivers whilst you’re waiting at traffic lights.
These babies are severely limited edition: only 125 pairs have been made in indigo and only 25 in black. They’re retailing for $360 and are available from from December 1st.
[via High Snobiety]