Irrational hate #1: Toggles

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Toggles are
the ugliest things in the world. Why do designers insist on using them? They
look more like blunt daggers rather than something you’d use to button your
coat. They’re unnecessarily over-sized and can be guaranteed to make coats look
like something secondary school kids would wear. They can’t even button a coat
by itself – they need the help of some equally ugly little pieces of rope.

Toggles had
been rightly thrown to the fashion cesspit, leaving them in the hands of pushy
mothers who forced a XXXXL toggled coat on one of their children. But some
designer had the bright idea of bringing back the lumberjack trend and with it,

Whilst I
have no irrational hate for the rest of the lumberjack trend, all I want is a
little quality control. If you’re going to revive a look, at least show some