Be your own designer with made-to-measure shirts from Marks and Spencer


M&S have launched a brand new made-to-measure shirt service through their website and it’s fun fun fun!
You have a range of options to choose from. The first is the type of fabric, which seems to dictate the price (£30-£49.50 – bargain!). Next up you choose features such as collar and cuffs, hem and placket (one of my favourite words incidentally). You can also select a Monogram of your choice, but I think that’s a bit poncey myself. Finally you choose between three fits: slim, traditional and tailored.
All you have to do then is to enter your height, weight, collar-size and age and the clever people at M&S use a unique algorithm to create a shirt tailored to fit you.

Obviously this isn’t the same made-to-measure service you’d get in Saville Row. If you’ve got long gorilla-arms or a pigeon-chest, I don’t suppose they’ll be able to work that out from the scant information you’ve provided. Still, it will be a lot more personal and comfortable than an off the shelf shirt.
Between this and the ads with Twiggy and Erin, Marksey’s are really spoiling us this Christmas.

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adminBe your own designer with made-to-measure shirts from Marks and Spencer
  • ian

    m&s get it bang on again!!!!!

  • David Walker

    Featured at Modculture some weeks back. Note that this isn’t really tailored – unless someone from M&S comes round to your house with a tape measure after you order?

    Fabric choice is pretty pants too.