New releases from Billionaire Boys Club

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231107_bbcglovesyl_02So, Billionaire Boys Club have launched new items which are available through their website as well as from We Sold Out. Amongst the new batch are these 3 fingered gloves, which apparently echo Pharell et al’s Star Trak logo but I don’t really see it. On a first glance I saw them and thought ‘Oh how novel’, but on reflection, I’m more ‘Oh how “novel“‘.
I just don’t get the direction BBC and their sister brand Ice Cream are moving in. It’s all so cartoonish and unsubtle. I don’t mind them referencing comic-book culture but no-one actually wants to have hands like Mickey Mouse.
I know it’s a joke, and I get that, but I don’t dress for comedy. Unless it’s an in-joke, that is. I’m no jester.