Yay or Nay: Visvim suede hybrids

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Visvim are a high end Japanese
clothing brand. They tend to focus on Bape-esque copies of popular American
trainers. Personally, I’ve never understood this trend or its popularity.
Paying £300 for what it is essentially a pair of fake Nike Air force ones doesn’t
appeal to me.

Visvim have been doing the same
things with Converse All-stars and now these
between old school Kickers shoes and leisure trainer’s soles. For
me, this is the worst kind of hybrid, marrying the ugliest part of shoes and
trainers to make one awful shoe. That’s before we even get to the price tag,
which is a hefty £170. While they’re not to my taste, maybe you do? If you
think this are really pretty and underpriced then let me know in the comments