Acronym Grey Sweat

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Grey_acronymIt’s a bit of a bugbear of mine (one of many) when you have clothes where every inch of them is spangled or bejewelled or ripped or embroidered or printed. I think it looks really crass.
On the other hand, when an item is loaded with lots of small details, like this sweatshirt from Acronym, I really like it.  Head over to The Glade and inspect the details through their nine (nine!) separate close ups. Its really quite impressive. Clever construction has given the sweatshirt some nice seam detailing, and the oddly positioned pockets on the front may not be practical but they look great. There’s also a bit of piping and a small embroidered logo to catch your eye.
All the clever detailing draws you in and creates interest without screaming for attention. Nice job Acronym.