All Saints knitwear – Is it a coat or a cardigan?

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Occasionally, scrambling to be amongst the
first to wear something can leave you looking like an idiot. Just look at those
people who started wearing neon in the absurd belief that dressing like Timmy
Mallet would catch on. It didn’t and now they’re left with a wardrobe full of
multi-coloured Cheap Monday jeans. I’m no psychic and I can’t tell the future
(neither can psychics for that matter, the fraudsters!) but I can predict that long
won’t be popular.

Long cardigans dangle awkwardly between
coat and jumper, not making its mind up and deciding to stay in limbo. They’re
also far too feminine, even for the most fashion-forward androgynous male out
there. To be honest, it’s a miracle they even made it onto ASOS.