Dior Homme Jeans – Bad fit or just a fat arse model?

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Some things you can always rely on. Each
Strokes album getting progressively worse. Tyra Banks saying ‘fierce’ in every
episode of America’s next top model. Dior Homme Jeans being among the best on
the market. Now you can the scratch that last sentence off your list of
universal certainties, as their new S/S 2008 jeans are awful.

I’m not sure what went wrong with the fit
on these pictures. It looks like the model has a massive arse, but seeing as
Dior Homme don’t hire anyone with more than 2% body fat, it has to be the jeans
themselves. It’s tempting to blame Kris Van Aasche for all this, but there’s
more than one person at fault here. I could do some investigative journalism,
getting to the root of the problem. But I’d rather just blame Kris Van Aasche.