Frank Dandy underwear

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Ever since Calvin Klein revitalised the men’s
underwear sector, men all over have lazily reverted back to them every time
they needed a pair of new undies. To be fair, I qualify as one of those men.
Underwear is the most annoying thing to buy because you (understandably) can’t
try them on before you buy them. For this reason, I (and millions of other men)
tend to stick to underwear they know. Relatively new underwear designer Frank
aims to stage a similar branding takeover.

In terms of self-obsessed branding, Frank
Dandy certainly does outdo Calvin Klein. His name isn’t just along the top of
the boxers, it’s also repeated all over the rest of the boxer briefs, hammering
his name into your subconscious in the most unimaginative way possible. It’s
the visual equivalent of someone yelling their name at you repeatedly for about
half an hour. The designs are nice though and at 35 EURO for  two pairs their cheaper than Mr Klein’s pants too.