Levi’s 511 Slim fit jeans


Massive turn-ups aside, Levi’s still make
good jeans. The majority of these come from their vintage collection, where
Levi’s remake jeans from their extensive back catalogue. Banking on the old ‘what
goes around’ saying has worked pretty well for Levi’s as their vintage
slim-fits are proving to be some of the most popular Levi’s out.

Levi’s realised and capitalised on it,
releasing the 511
, virtually identical to some of their vintage clothing, but instead of
boring old plain denim, they woven it with golden indigo (which sounds more
like an exotic bird than fabric), leaving it with a subtle shimmering effect. At
£100, they’re also reasonably priced and would make a good addition to your
denim collection.


By admin | December 3rd, 2007

adminLevi’s 511 Slim fit jeans