Peckham Rye skinny tie

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With designers increasingly looking back at
Davie Bowie album covers for inspiration these days, it’s no wonder that the
skinny tie is popular again. Skinny ties are basically ties for people who don’t
like ties. The anti-tie, if you will. Simply making it skinny has rid it of its
stuffy bank clerk image that fat ties still hold. But apart from American Apparel and a few other small brands, there’s been little competition for the skinny tie crown.

Until now. This Peckham
Rye tie
costs more than 4 American Apparel skinny ties at £45 but is a cut
above material wise, making it a much better option to wear with a suit. So why not treat yourself this coming Christmas or better yet, not-so-subtly drop hints about what you want so someone else can get it for you.