Westwood scarf

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Ever wondered why older ladies always wear a wee neckscarf with their winter coats? No? Well you’re not paying enough attention to women of a certain age in that case. We have a lot to learn from them – their survival skills are second to none. If there’s ever a nuclear winter, all that will be left is a bunch of Marjories and Dorises hopping through the rubble and making a nourishing soup from cockroaches. Want proof? Who are the people who’ve not only survived but thrived in I’m a Celebrity? Game old birds, Janice Dickinson, Janet Street Porter and Carol Thatcher. See? I’m on to something.
So back to the scarves. The reason ladies often wear a scarf with their good winter coat is for protection. It stops the collar of your coat getting ruined by sweat, grease and friction from your neck. Simple yet effective.
A light woven scarf, such as this beauty from Vivienne Westwood via Men a la Mode, will keep your posh coat going strong for several seasons to come. On top of that, the medal design and soft camel colour are pretty gorgeous.
See these older dames? They’ve got it all sewn up.