Christmas wish#1: That Mariah Carey song banned and this Paul Smith Scarf

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Don’t you hate it when people just talk
about what they want for Christmas? It’s all me, me, me. Who gives a flying
baboon what other people want? I was recently looking at other scarves to get
myself and I realised that since I bought a cashmere scarf, I’ve turned into a totalitarian
scarf snob.

I can’t accept anything less than cashmere
and would rather mismatch than wear one of my old wool scarves (which feel like
sandpaper in comparison to the cashmere). So I’ve decided to put this grey Paul
Smith cashmere scarf
on my Christmas list. When accessories cost this much,
people you know will start looking at you in a different light, one that looks like
you’ve got lots of money. I can guarantee you won’t go back to ugly wool after this but don’t try and
ask your friend for a tenner while wearing a hundred pound scarf.