Christmas Wish List #2: Zillion Caps

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ZillioncapDear Father Christmas, I have been a very good boy this year. I have been going to bed on time without making a fuss and have not argued with my sister once. Therefore, I think I deserve one of Zillion’s kimono fabric caps, like this one pictured.
Zillion is the brain child of French photographer David Guarino, who scours Tokyo for vintage kimono fabrics to make his caps.  A huge fan of Japanese crafts, Guarino packages his products in traditional boxes, tied with the traditional string. Even the logo is an ancient Japanese family crest. The man’s obsessed!
The caps are the perfect shape too with a delightfully curved peak. The caps are available in Japan from Isetan and United Arrows, or in London from Michiko Koshino’s 59 Broadwick street.
Whaddya say, Father Christmas? Whaddya say?