Christmas Wish# 4: More bags! Energie ‘funk it’ up

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Energie, a brand I seem to be featuring a
lot lately, were known first and foremost for their impeccable bags. Their most
famous design is this ‘funk
bag which has become a staple of their collections, even with that awful
name. All names that are plays on swearwords should have been banned since FCUK
came out with all those ghastly t-shirts.

But I digress; this bag -name aside – is
just about perfect. The styling is retro but not overly so, meaning you won’t
look like you just walked out of ‘this
is England’
or even worse – ‘The
. The leather is thick enough to withstand heavy downpours and the
inside has all the compartments you could possible need (i.e two). It’s
available at £65.