Last of the Christmas Wish List (for now): Folk balaclava

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FolkbalaclavaI don’t know about you but I’m bloody freezing. When did it get so cold?
The only sensible option at the moment is a hat and you can’t go far wrong with this balaclava from Folk. As a balaclava, it’s, you know, slightly unwearable, but it really comes into its own as a hat, when it becomes rather lovely.

Folk being Folk (you guys!) the hat is hand-knitted in Bolivia and made from pure Alpaca wool. Alpacas are small llama-like creatures which roam about the mountains spitting at each other. Their wool is soft and silky and much lighter than sheep’s wool, which means that an alpaca knit keeps you warm in the cold and cool in the warm. Supposedly.
This balaclava is available for £60 from Laundry Room.