Gilded Age

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As you might expect from their name, Gilded Age clothes are made with a healthy dose of nostalgia for times passed. The brand uses traditional processes of production to create garments lavished with so much care and attention you can see it in every stitch and fibre.

Gilded Age have sought out factories which use some of the oldest
machinery and construction techniques to produce their garments and use
only natural fibres and dyes. If you can get through all the typos and
grammatical errors on the website (indigo jeans are a “rear fenomenon”)
you can read all about their labour of love on their website.

These processes and techniques produce items which have a wholesome quality to them, with natural flaws which only add to the effect. The uneven dying of the top pictured, for example, is a product of natural indigo dying.

All of this is bordering on the pious, but I think Gilded Age save themselves from appearing sanctimonious through their undeniable commitment to their craft. Their collection is available on-line through their on-line store.