Triko skatewear

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At school, when Mlle. Henri, our new French French Teacher saw that our text books were teaching us that “tricot” was an acceptable word for jumper, she was highly amused. According to her, “tricot” was the equivalent of  “bloomers” or “singlet” – not words young people would use to describe their clothes. How she mocked that Tricolour text book.

Perhaps in defiance of ageist French teachers everywhere, when Hector Estrada launched his own clothing label in 2001, he called it Triko, rescuing the word (sort of) from the dustbin of history…

Much loved by skaters, the label is another one which is attempting to lessen its impact on the environment – they try to use natural and organic fabrics and dyes and are working towards using only sustainable materials in their products. They also give a proportion of their profits to various charities and good causes (they’ve adopted a tiger and a penguin – aw!)

The collection has quite a few nice pieces. I’m not sure whether any of the eco philosophy informed this hoody, but it’s rather nice nonetheless. The black and white stripes and dots are a strong graphic statement and the red lining to the hood is a nice little surprise. Get it from Yukka