David Beckham models Armani underwear

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I’m not going to make any jokes about balls but it does seem that David Beckham has had a bit of a helping hand in his first advert as the face of Armani underwear. Beckham said: "I first met Mr Armani quite a few years ago while I was working
with the England team when he designed our World Cup suit. I’ve
been a big fan of his style for a long time and, through the years, my
wife and I have become friends with him, so I’m happy to be working
with him now." I like the way he calls him ‘Mr Armani’, I can almost imagine his wee voice saying it! Beckham has been paid a reported £20 million for the deal, replacing similarly large-panted Freddie Ljungberg.


By ShinyMedia | December 11th, 2007

  • it’s just a lighting trick. do try photos like that at home and you’ll see… (of course, you’ll have to bear the sad truth that you’ll not be testing on Beckham at home)

  • juice

    Oh My God!!!! Who cares about the buldge…..the rest is flawless!!!!!!!

  • janet

    Is that the World Cup in his tightie whities?

  • Kim


  • sokkrnutz

    O.K. I was wrong…there is a heaven!! Can I buy a poster of this? Please????

  • sokkrnutz

    : ) Just set this as my computer background….I don’t think my husband and 2 sons will care for it…but I can enjoy it until they change it!! You know, I’m not really sure if it’s fair for one guy to be THAT hot!! Oh yeah, he’s a pretty decent soccer player too!

  • Mike

    I don’t think there’s any enhancement, nor does he look abnormally large. I will say that he’s probably right handed since the left one appears to be the biggest.

  • eddie

    ummmm its called AIRBRUSHING DUH HAHAHHAHA!

  • Rebecca

    This is disgusting. He and his wife are to into themselves.

  • shady

    does he do gay porn?

  • misty

    sexy female photos are nearly all airbrushed. In fact 100% of Playboy photos are retouched to take out bulges, wrinkles, etc. So guys, let us have our fun fanticizing about the enhanced version of the incredibly hot… what was his name again??

  • lulu

    OMG! Sorry couldn’t type there for a minute I was busy rolling my tongue back up into my mouth!! YUMMY! Looks ALL REAL and ALL MAN to me!!

  • Al

    its called a fricken jock strap with an oversized cup, can someone tell him the soccer match is over!!!

  • Scherryl Hill

    He is very sexy, and endowed….

  • mzad

    He’s all balls and no penis. that bulge is just unnatural.

  • Randy

    Can you say cock ring? Ask any Male stripper and they will tell you that if you put a cock ring around your “twig and berries” right after a little stimulation (just partial simulation), it traps the blood in your “jewels” thus making you look much larger than you actually are. Beck is just using an old Male stripper trick…

  • lick it

    no more dry mouth…….

  • robin

    You would have to be blind to see he is wearing an athletic cup

  • robin

    You would have to be blind to see he is wearing an athletic cup

  • Kevin

    I agree with killahbabe, it is just a lighting trick. Maybe a little bit a retouching to make it a little more seemlessly round, but they didn’t make the bulge bigger. And Al, no cup is in perfect bulge shape, at least not one that’s meant for actual protection. And you can really see some of his “twig” going off to the right if you look hard enough, mzad.

  • NEIL

    Any gay guy will tell you as well – a cockring does WONDERS for an underwear ad! ………or anything else you want to make look BIGGER! Plus the bulge in Beckham’s briefs doesn’t look all that big? Guess you women haven’t seen many BIG packages for real!
    That’s why gay guys are GAY! And the others……are male strippers!

  • JanP

    Why in the world are we making these idiots famous? Posh always looks like she hates the world and everything in it — as for her husband, only his hairdresser knows for sure!

  • Jealous_much?

    Holy God!!! I just had to wipe my mouth!!!!

  • PooPu

    i like to move it move it..i like to move it move it..he likes to … MOVE it

  • Victor

    In my next life I want to come back as Beckham’s Armani underwear. Then I’ll know for sure if it’s real…in the interest of science of course (wink).

  • Dee

    How disgusting. He has no class whatsoever.

  • Tammy

    Holy soccer ball, BATMAN!!!!!!!!!

  • Kisa

    He used a penis pump c:

  • Jack

    No wonder most women are cranky..if they think this is a large package. It is not!!!Check out International Male catalog ladies…you will really see what a large package looks like. Becks is a hot guy but his package looks pretty normal.

  • michalle

    He is so hot!!!!! I want to tie him up and do bad things to him!!!

  • Lee

    Hey Beck..is that’s you..why the H#*L are you frowning?

  • TINA


  • Karen

    wow…….who cares if he has a “squeaky” voice, no talkin needed, lol…..n heck I don’t even care if he’s been “altered” because he is definately a site for single eyes…….keep up the great posing!!!

  • Karen

    thanks for the website Kisa……I just added international male to my favorites 🙂

  • bevy

    OMG Yes, he is beeeeeeeeeeutiful, but I too would like to thank Kisa, yummy, International male is bad-ass!

  • Pooky

    Whatever he’s selling, I’ll buy some!

    Handsome and contemporary, lovely, professional couple – he and Posh with their darling boys.

    Best wishes

  • Debbie Does Beckham

    That is just beautiful. Men posting all the hate posts are just jealous they don’t have a beautiful body like this. Who cares about any alleged enhancement? Male packages are fugly anyway when they are hidden that’s what makes it so……desirable!!!!! My hubby’s bigger but who cares Beckham is too hot to ignore…whoever said women are cranky must have the smallest tool in the world. Men are playthings let us enjoy them!

  • Nancy

    What a great idea!! I saved it as my computer background too. I had to put my eyes back in my head and roll my tongue back into my mouth. haha Delicious!!

  • Justin

    I agree with Pooky, these men seem really jealous XD
    I think Beckham is extremely hot, and so what if you think he used some sort of trick or enhancement…not one person actually interested in him gives a damn, we just wanna stare at his sexy body ^-^

  • Rae

    It is obvious that the female body will always be on display. Every store you go to, you are able to see and buy magazines galore…99% of these have a cover of some scantily clad female…always a low-cut top…It isn’t just magazines, it is television, newspapers, internet, it is EVERYWHERE! If a woman states how she feels offended by said pictures, men will always come back with, “your just jealous that you don’t look like that” ….. Ladies, wouldn’t it be wonderful if the tables were turned and everywhere you went, there were pictures on magazines of half naked men…showing off their packages, their chiseled chests, their tight buns, etc… If men were forced, as women are, would they feel differently? Would they also second guess themselves when they buy a new outfit? Would they wonder if their significant other was fantasizing about these men? What would it be like if there were just as many normal and adult magazines, of men as there are women. If there were just as many male strip clubs, if there were half naked male servers in a restaurant, men in their briefs washing cars, if every other commercial on television was a man or men in their underwear, or just plain looking sexy…..what I wonder then? The lack of manly sex appeal being thrown in the public, is just one more way to keep women down and give the man more control. Also, men believe that most women do not think that way. I admit that I am a person who believes all the sex in the media in pointless, but damn it, if I have to see half naked women on the magazines inside the grocery store, then I think it should be even across the board!!!!!!!

  • Lsue

    Rae, noone could state it better. Finally another woman, besides myself, stating the facts. Men should be fed a steady diet of “here’s what you should really look like”… it’s done wonders for the female self-image. I have said that for years and been accused of being jealous. I get statements from men saying I’m eye candy more than I care to share, but I suffer from horrible self-esteem issues, as I’m sure most other women do. I believe that if men were forced to compare themselves to computer-generated images of the perfect male… Well, suffice it to say, the whole issue would soon be looked back on as a negative part of society that HAD to be changed. Women could learn to love themselves again. I hear average and below-average looking men tell me how they just need an attractive woman. We can’t help it as men, they tell me (because I’m in the male-imposed “safety zone”), they all think they deserve an above-average looking female. Wonder why?! Let’s face it, if advertisements such as David Beckham’s were looming everywhere, we women would be “forced” to have higher expectation on men’s physical appearance… We couldn’t help it!!!!!! I, for one, wouldn’t mind ogling fabulously perfect, scantily clothed men while waiting in line at the grocery. After all, aren’t we women the majority there of all places. LOL

  • anonymousme

    Looks like he’s “bending it like Beckham” to me in those tighty whities!!!

  • maya

    ow ow!!!
    he’s yummie

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  • Greg

    Damn,. Im a guy and I think id almost turn queer for this.. This guy is hot indeed!

  • GWD

    Tennis anyone?

  • kimberly


  • g-no

    I agree with most of the good comments on here. Beck is a great looking guy and lets face it, sex sells! As a bisexual male, I agree with one of the previous commenters that the tables should be turned as far as marketing goes. Men should be more visible and more “sex object” like. Women (and some of us men) should have more of the male species to enjoy, and if it gets the straight guys out there to workout more and be in shape because they feel “pressured” by it, then so be it. I also agree that alot of the “enhancement” is lighting tricks, although I’m sure he has a nice package.

  • Elizabeth

    Am I the only one who has seen this hottie’s nude pics? He is 8 1/2 inches of uncut manhood, and these undie pics are for real. Girls, go search the nude pics, they are worth it!!

  • Chastity

    This is the hottest thing i have seen !!! Nothing but perfection on this hot ass !! Anyone who doesn’t like this is CRAZY or just jealous.. I would agree with other lady it isnt fair for one guy to be this freaking hottt.. OMG This is going to be my background on my pc !! what I would do to this man ! HOT HOT HOT HOT !!!! And his crotch is perfect too.. :)~~

  • Michael

    That pic makes my pecker stand strait up, my mouth a hungry wet hole & my ass?, well you know guys….

    I have found my new wallpaper….& if I could ride it I would….save a horse & ride Becks meat!!

  • gwen

    uhmmm looks stuffed but hope thats real… hehehe

  • Will

    What the fuck? Why should it be stuffed? Ok maybe 50year old men have a shrinkled in little thing, that thing is not abnormally large, and those underwear are allso made to make “things” look bigger. Same way CK boxers are made, I look a whole lot bigger in those than in normal once.

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