Mulberry Men’s boutique

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DNR are reporting on Mulberry’s new menswear store in London’s Covent Garden, which I happened across this week-end. The store is the first of its kind but is apparently a test case for future expansion in menswear. Inside, it eschews the typical Mulberry store interiors of dark wood panelling and stately home styling in favour of a more minimalist and masculine look.
They will carry all of Mulberry’s range of men’s bags and accessories including the Bob bag, designed by Bob Geldoff and available on a pre-order basis only. Bob is a loyal Mulberry customer and the bag was apparently all Bob’s idea. I don’t mean to be rude about our saviour Saint Bob, but I’ve never admired his style. Perhaps Mulberry felt like they couldn’t say no.
Anyway, its exciting to know that Mulberry are taking the menswear market seriously and are committing some serious time and dosh to it. Go Mulberry. [Pic via]