Sale shopping tip no.1 – Folk Fuchsia Cardy

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Folk0007neonmThis is a fun time of year for shopping eh? Trudging through the streets agonising how you’re going to spend the last of your pennies on ungrateful family members you only see once a year. Anything you see that you might actually want for yourself you have to pass over in order to partake in this pantomime of exchange and gratitude. I vote we all give up on presents and just spend the money on ourselves.
Wow, I’m cynical.
I have a tip though, to make Christmas shopping a bit more self-serving. When you go round the shops, you can start planning for your sale shopping – scoping out those garments which you wouldn’t buy full price but would take a chance on come the January discounts.

The trick of spotting what’s going to end up in the bargain bin is to think like a typical customer and then do the opposite of what he would do. Consumers don’t generally take many chances, which means that what’s left at the end of the year is the stuff that’s a bit daring.
Tell tale signs of what’s going to end up in the sale is something that’s in an unusual colourway or has an extreme cut. Something with an unusually high price tag is also a give-away. The key thing however is the size range – if the shop is stocking a full size range at this point in the year, you can bet your bottom dollar it’ll be in the sale in January.
Take this fuchsia knit from Folk. It also came in black (now sold out) but Oki-ni still have it in every size. I predict it will be heavily discounted in the near future. You see if I’m wrong.