Colourful tee from Art in the Age of Mechanical Whatnot

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ArtinageI like a brand with high falutin ideals. Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction is just such a brand.
Taking its lead from Walter Benjamin’s famous essay of the same name, these folks recognise the pointlessness of aspiring for originality and uniqueness in an age when any new statement or movement can be reproduced in a million different media in a heartbeat. Instead their stated aim is to provoke reaction in all who encounter their products. Yeah, I know, who gives one so long as their stuff looks good?
Well, it’s a bit hit and miss but it kind of does. My pick is this colourful little number designed by Paper Rad, a collective from Pittsburgh. It kind of reminds me a bit of the Beatles’s Yellow Submarine (see what they mean about originality?) and I like it cos it’s slightly creepy and neon.
Check out their range here.