Granddad jumpers: who wins the war?

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Now that V-necks are the norm, you’ll need
to go that extra mile to stand out in a jumper. The granddad design look on
your jumper is probably too kerrazy for most people, which means it’ll be
perfect for the fashion forward.

Just how far can you go? Well that’s the
question that no-one in particular is asking me. I’m going to answer it
anyway. The Junk
De Luxe jumper
(top right) is more of a striped jumper than a design one,
but it’s getting there. You may have to team this with a shirt and tie to pull
off the full effect.

This Topman granddad
(top left) only got into this post by virtue of Topman calling it a
granddad jumper. While I’m sure that granddads wear this, it looks flimsy, doesn’t
have a design and to top it all off, it’s 50% acrylic. This is something you’ll
get for a family member you hate.

This Nerve
is the perfect jumper to complete your look. The design is just the
right side of trendy and the fit is very flattering. The material is 100%
merino wool (none of this merino mix nonsense) and feels softer
than…erm….something very soft.