Get the Manchester look at Oipolloi

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OipoloiknitMy favourite shop in Manchester is tucked away in the city’s Northern Quarter and is guarded by a fat little boxer dog on a Fake London bed. It’s called Oipolloi and is the perfect store for the stylish Mancunian male. Many people only know the tracksuit-wearing scallies and the swaggering machismo of Liam Gallagher wannabees, but Manchester men do have a lot more to offer than that in terms of  style.
The Manchester aesthetic is defined by old skool sportswear combined with knits and natural fibres, by classic garments with a twist and by straight-leg indigo denims. Constant rain and many many puddles in the city mean that Manc boys favour a shoe so you’re more likely to see a Hush Puppy or a Clark’s Desert boot than your standard issue trainer.

Southern man can look quite slovenly next to his Northern neighbours –
Manchester men take a pride in their appearance but still retain their
blokey charm.
Oipolloi know this customer like the back of their proverbials and carry a number of hard to find brands which cater to their needs. They specialise in ‘technical outdoor clothing’ and what these boys don’t know about their specialist subject, ain’t worth knowing. They’ve also got their own label, which this lovely shawl neck knit is taken from
You don’t have to travel to Manchester to take advantage of the Oipolloi boys’ impeccable taste and expertise. Simply visit their website and you can browse their collections from the comfort of your own home.