Yay or Nay – Bib Shirts

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Judging by what a lot of high-street stores
have in stock, bib shirts (like the one to the left) seem to be popular right

I’m not sure why. From a distance it just looks like the wearer has been
sweating profusely in a asymmetrical pattern. Not the look anyone wants to go

Or maybe it is? There could be a ‘diagonal
sweat stain’ trend that’s been sweeping all the high street stores recently.
There are some upsides to this. For one, you could spend all your time trying
to sweat. On the underground you could stand as far back from the doors as
possible and wait for the doors to start closing. Then run. Run like you’re
George Bush and someone’s just told you to read an intelligence report. Knock
over whoever you want, they’ll understand once the see your diagonal sweat

But I digress. My basic point is that the
bib design ruins a perfectly fine shirt. But someone’s buying it so designers
keep on making them. Until we found these people and interrogate them, no high
street store is safe.