McQueen Feather Print T-shirt

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Mcqueenfeathertee250 nicker for a T-shirt? Are you ‘aving a bubble?
Gorgeous as it is, you’d have to be barking to part with that kind of cash for a T-shirt, even if it is ‘one of the highest specification t-shirts available today’. What’s to specify? It’s a bit of jersey with a crew neck.
Although he’s obviously taken leave of his senses, M. McQueen has not lost his love of technology in fashion. This highly detailed design is bleached onto the shirt rather printed or dyed, and to give it its due, it is beautiful. A perfect example of the McQueen brand, it’s coolly stylish and darkly gothic. I just wish it was cheaper.
If you’ve got money to burn you can get it from Oki-ni.