How to fold a jumper

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Stripy_jumperuniqWith all the clothes that we recommend to
you, we feel it’s only fair that we show you how to look after the clothes once
you’ve got them. As you may or may not know, you’re not supposed to put jumpers
on hangers. Doing so eventually widens the neck and gives it lumps, losing its
original fit. When you’ve got a lovely jumper like Uniqlo’s stripy nautical knit (reduced to
£14.99) you want it to last as long as you can. With that in mind we’ve decided to show you how to fold a jumper.

After the jump, There’s a text summary of how
to fold a jumper and a Harold Bishop look-a-like
guiding you through each step. [Via]

VideoJug: How To Fold A Jumper

 Step 1:

Fold after ironing

For best results, fold immediately after ironing.


Step 2:

Lay flat

Place the jumper on its front on a flat surface and smooth out any
creases. Make sure it lies completely flat.


Step 3:

Fold one side

Start by folding one side of the jumper in towards the middle, creating
a vertical fold from about the middle of the shoulder. Bring the sleeve over
with it too. Then fold the sleeve back down to lie vertically over the folded
part of the jumper.


Step 4:


Repeat this with the other side of the jumper. Fold the side in, and the
sleeve down over it.


Step 5:

Fold the bottom up

Now, fold the bottom of the jumper and the sleeves to about halfway up
the back.
Fold this part over again, up towards the neck and smooth everything down.Turn
the jumper over.

Handy Hint

Place a sheet of tissue paper on top of more delicate jumpers before
folding. This will cushion the folds and ensure that the fabric doesn’t crease.
Fold as before, bringing the sides in with the sleeves and folding the bottom
over twice towards the neck.