Trend Watch: Nike ‘Band members’ tee from Kiks Tyo

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Kikstyo_2It had to happen. When I look at it, I realize it was inevitable. If only I’d thought of it first.
We Sold Out have just taken shipment of this T-shirt from Japanese trainer-head’s label, Kiks Tyo. The shirt lists all the most desirable trainer classics of recent years and finishes the list with the brand’s own name suggesting they are a trainer classic to be rated alongside the greats.
This T-shirt will really sort the men from the boys in terms of displaying your credentials. To get the in-joke, first you have to know about the T-shirt trend Experimental Jetset started with their Beetles and Stones Tees, then you have to recognize the Nike trainer names. On top of that, you have to know the brand Kiks Tyo to get why they’re on the list. It’s quite exhausting. I don’t know if I have the energy to laugh after jumping through all those hoops.