Lessons in party wear: Jamie Foxx hits 40

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JamiefoxxWell, he doesn’t so much hit 40 so much as knock it down and reverse back over it a few times. What in God’s name is he wearing?
I hope there was some sort of pimps and hos theme to Jamie Foxx’s 40th birthday in Miami, otherwise there’s some serious crimes being committed here and I don’t mean lewd conduct, although that was probably happening too. The Foxx looks truly horrendous. There’s really no respite for the eyes in that outfit. Everything looks so cheap, as if it came out of a Christmas cracker.
This is the problem with the holiday season: fancy dress. Don’t do it people. Or if you must, make sure you look amazing. If you’re going to dress fancy, then dress fancy. There’s no excuse for cheap white trousers and black shoes. Ever!
God I hate Jamie Foxx.