Eco Slipper from Po-Zu

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PozuslipperChristmas is a time of slippers. Not only are they inevitably going to be sitting under the majority of Christmas trees this season, they are also obligatory footwear for Christmas day, when it’s traditional to go for as long as possible without getting dressed. That’s what the festival was originally about, the whole birth of Christ thing only came when the Romans introduce Christianity to these shores. Fact.
Po-zu have created the ultimate slipper (£70). It really is the gift that keeps on giving. The slippers use no harmful chemical glues and are designed to be repairable so should last a while. When they are finally finished, they are 99% biodegradable, which is high by anyone’s estimation. Even the shoe box is degradable and can be planted in the earth where it will sprout seeds.
Ok, so they look a bit like Ugg(ly) boots but as slippers, I think they’re quite stylish.