Go heart Your Own City T-shirt from Boundless

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New Yorkers are so skilled at creating something iconic and marketable. It’s one of the most recognisable cities in the world, and every street, shop or person can contribute to the New York brand.
Take the classic “I heart NY” tee for example. It’s bold brash and iconic. What’s more New York than that? What does London get? Union jack shirts,  “My boyfriend went to London and all I got was this lousy shirt” and “Good girls go to heaven, bad girls go to London” (haha, that one’s quite funny).
The “I heart NY” tee can be seen everywhere in the world and has been adopted and modified for a million different purposes. All this must be quite annoying for New Yorkers hence this "Go heart Your Own City" T-shirt is one of the top sellers from Boundless NY.
I think its funny, but I can’t help being a bit put out by it. File under “Biting the hand that feeds you”.