Prada launches online store

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Prada, as hintmag reports, have launched an online store. The store only sells Prada accessories, which are typically whimsical and well, expensive.
Witness these key chains. Mildly amusing for all of 5 minutes (max) but you’ll pay £70 for the privilege. Still, everyone will know that it’s Prada, which is something. Not 70 quid’s worth of something, but something.
To be fair, there’s some nice stuff. Their leather goods are particularly fine, especially the wallet and key holder which come in a cobalt blue and what Prada call bluette (which for me is a wasted opportunity to use the word ‘cerulean’).
Other treats include a tape measure and a set square and a dozen other kinds of nonsense. Check it out here.


By admin | January 3rd, 2008