January Sale piece: Nerve’s brown coat

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What’s the word most associated with the
phrase ‘January sales’? Is it ‘great bargains’ or ‘horrible panic buy made just
to get out of the shop with something’? For most, it’s the latter. Bright lights and awful music can make for
some terrible shopping decisions. So why not take some time out, turn your
lights down low, put on whatever music you like and take a seat. Although you
should have been sitting down already, unless you use a PC standing up. And
that’s just bizarre.

Given that we’re entering the last part of
winter, it’s probably best to start thinking about pieces that you’ll still be
wearing this time next year.  We’ve
featured this Nerve
a couple of times and now it’s been reduced to an affordable £270
instead of the £325 it was previously at. Now you can throw that bright yellow
jumper you thought was a good idea to the back of your wardrobe.