Winter coats in the sale – Balenciaga

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BalenciagaSales are strange things. You barely feel the pinch of winter and then all the warm stuff you want to wear starts to get discounted. This works out ok for the shopper though as any winter clothes you buy now in the Sale, you’ll probably still get a fair bit of wear out of.
With this in mind, I’m on the look out for a good winter coat – one that’s a good price but it going to last you more than just this winter.
I’m starting with this one from Balenciaga At £550 it’s not cheap, but it’s a classic shape so it’s going to last forever and it’s got some lovely detailing so you wont get bored of it. If you can afford to part with this much cash, I recommend going for something like this as you’ll definitely get your money’s worth in future winters and it will pay for itself in the attention you get. Available from Brown’s.