Dissizit! Kate Moss T-shirt

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Every once in a while, it’s nice to look at items that you can wear in the
forthcoming seasons. While coats are all well and good (we’ll be featuring a
lot more during this week), you need to start stocking up on t-shirts. Preferably
ones that stand out. Everyone knows how annoying it is to see someone wearing
the same t-shirt as you.

Everyone’s bored of Kate Moss’s face in the
papers by now. But absolutely no-one’s bored of her face on t-shirts, as
evidenced by this Dissizit!
. While I like this tee, the incredibly unsubtle “Kate Moss loves La
Coka Nostra” on the back brings it down a notch. Anyone references to Kate Moss
and Cocaine – even if it is actually referring to an underground hip-hop group –
seem incredibly outdated. If you show off this side of this shirt, you’ll look
like the guy who just started wearing Pete Doherty Hats. In other words, a