Rittenhouse and the new masculine frontier… or summat

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RittenhouseRittenhouse comes from two designers who decided to collaborate after working together at Stüssy and Rookie Skateboards – so straight off, you know there’s something good cooking there.
They’re one of those labels which, without wanting to get all Cultural Studies on your ass, captures what masculinity is becoming in early 21st Century. After floundering around in a post-feminist quagmire of new men, ladism and metrosexuality, I think we’ve found a way of communicating masculine values which doesn’t compromise the political gains we’ve made. So men can like sport and birds as well as cuddles and looking good without on the one hand being scared of being thought sexist and on the other hand being terrified of looking gay.
What that translates to in terms of clothes is labels like Rittenhouse, Folk, B-Son, Acme, APC etc, which are blokey, but thoughtful: strong classic shapes and colours which aren’t afraid of some great detailing or baring a little flesh.
Rittenhouse, like many good things lately, comes out of Australia. You can see their collections here and purchase it from Hanon