Suited and Booted at the Critics’ Choice Awards

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Who needs the Golden Globes? Monday night saw the Critics’ Choice Awards which went ahead despite the writers’ strike. The boys were out in force and in style in their Sunday/ Monday best. What can we learn from the well-dressed?
Clooney as usual looked dapper. The Clooney brand is built on a well-groomed indifference and you’ll never see him in anything other than the classic tux, as befits a man his age. If the tie had been narrower and the waistband lower, he would have looked trendier and he would have looked like he gave a damn. Brad Pitt, takes a few more risks and his three piece tweed suit was more on trend with the slim cut trousers, sharp cut shoulders and er… three pieces. See after the jump for a picture of Hairspray’s Elijah Kelly with Amanda Bynes.


Hairspray’s Elijah Kelly is teeney tiny but he hides it well with long
slim lines in his open
jacket and slim cut trousers. I would have wanted to see him in a shirt
a smaller collar to make him look less bull-necked but all-in-all I was
quite impressed. Oh, er, your shoe’s undone mate….I know, I know, she’s
in heels but she’s stooped down and she’s still about 6 inches taller
than him.