Steal his Style: Andrew Logan

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In terms of English eccentrics, jewellery designer, sculptor and artist Andrew Logan is one of our best living examples. This is something which effing genius Rei Kawakubo recognised with her AW07 Comme des Garçons collection and which Glassloves (yet another collective) have captured in a new film.
Logan is recognisable by his Nero collars, three quarter length jackets, brimless hat and lots of sparkle, and his signature style is one of four Kawakubo chose to honour in the current collection. It’s a timeless look which reminds us that the only thing better than following fashion is making your own.

Now as well as stealing Mr Logan’s style, you can get a peak inside the
workings of his mind. Glassloves have filmed a roundtable conversation
between Andrew Logan and some of his mates including Zandra Rhodes,
(son of Paul) Nat Weller and soon-to-go-stellar designer Marios Schwab.
The film is released in episodes over the next few weeks and it promises to be hella-entertaining.