Top Five: Sale coats

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Right now is the most awkward time to buy
clothes. You know you need some more winter clothing but are also aware that spring
is just round the corner. Stock up on tees and you’ll be freezing until at
least March. Stock up on coats and jumpers and you’ll have nothing to wear come
March. It’s this dilemma that’s led us to stockpile our sale coat
recommendations into one handy top five post. After this you will see no more
winter coats on Brandish. Unless we see a coat we like.

Rick Owens leather jacket (top right):
Whilst brown requires more thought to co-ordinate, it’s a welcome alternative
to the ubiquitous black jacket. It also avoids many of this season’s trends,
such as epaulettes and double-breasting (is there a better phrase for that? It
sounds like a something you do after you go dogging). Because of the lack of
military influences – apart from maybe the collar – it’s a timeless piece as
opposed to a right on trend one. And if you’re paying £550 (previously £915)
for an item, you’d want to last more than one season.

Rick Owens the Fonz leather jacket
(bottom left): Black leather jackets are all over the place, but good black
leather jackets are still hard to come by. Compared to the full price of £1109,
£555 sounds like an absolute steal. Also, who doesn’t want a jacket named after
the Fonz?

Homme deep cuff Cuban jacket
(top left): To be honest, I’m pretty sure
everyone here has seen more than enough double breasted jackets for one season.
They flooded the market and then never left. That’s not to say they aren’t
great, just that you can have too much of a good thing. They’re also the reason
why I love this Dior Homme jacket, which looks like it should be double
breasted but someone couldn’t be bothered to sew the buttons on. And it’s all
the better for it.

Alessandrini shawl collar jacket
(bottom centre): This automatically wins a
prize for being the most affordable jacket here, at £156. It also wins a prize
because it’s light enough to wear in spring, solving your ‘what jacket do I
wear in spring’ woes.

De Garcons double breasted wool coat
(bottom right):  I hesitate to include because it’s a double
breasted coat, which I said I was tired of 5 seconds ago. I’m also not entirely
sold on the fabric. The £585 price is another dampener, as you can’t really
experiment when you’re spending half a grand. With that said, it would go well
with the ‘college professor’ look.