Paris Catwalk Report: Dries Van Noten

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While we’ve sang the praises of Dries Van
Noten’s suits on this site for a while now, we’ve never really liked the rest
of their menswear range. The aim for Van Noten was to make a menswear range as
appealing as their suits. Could they pull this off?

I don’t want to leap to a conclusion here
but the answer is no. While they have a few nice pieces (including a jumper Kanye
is a fan of) too many of the pieces simply do not work. For example,
the suit (pictured 3rd from the right) has amazingly tiny buttons
for something that looks so big. It doesn’t keep its shape due to the one
button design and ends up looking a lot worse than it should do. The less said
about the purple plaid jacket the better but I can’t resist. It’s just awful.
It doesn’t fill a need as either a show-off design or a wearable piece, instead
lingering in the awkward gap between the two.

So for another season at least, Dries Van
Noten look set to be known more for their suits than any other item on their