Pretend you knew his music all along with this Dilla Donuts Tee

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Isn’t it annoying when musicians die?
Everyone immediately clamours to proclaim them biggest and best thing on their
respective scene regardless of how much actual impact they may have had on it. All
their songs are played ad nauseam and they elevated to deity status in a matter
of minutes. The worst thing about musicians dying is that people who’ve only
have heard of the artist after they die will go on to claim they were fans all

Well guess what? You can be one of those
people with this J
Dilla t-shirt

Seeing as J Dilla’s ‘Donuts’ was mentioned
in the Guardians ‘a million albums to listen to right now because we said so’, it’s
never been a better time to pretend to have been a fan of him since his Slum
Village days. With all that said, you should at least buy ‘Donuts’ just so you
don’t get caught out by some superfan.