Paris Catwalk Report: Attachment

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Someone at Attachment watched Oliver Twist
over the holidays. Either that or they got a Russell Brand DVD. Either of those
excuses would explain their decidedly Edwardian (Or is it Victorian? I’m no
historian) theme at their A/W show in Paris.

Whilst the theme may have been a tad forced,
the collection did have some great pieces. A favourite of mine is the grey
plaid coat (on the far left), although the fact that it’s only got one button
is a bit off-putting. You can’t possibly keep warm with a one button coat; it’ll
just end up looking like a cape in any kind of wind. The blazer (on the second
left) is extremely wearable, the colour and styling allowing to match with a
number of outfits. The purple blazer is also quite wearable fit-wise, but most
men won’t be willing to look like they’re starring as Prince in Stars in their

Whilst the styling can make it look
otherwise, this collection is very wearable in its own Edwardian (or Victorian)