Paris Catwalk Report: Number (N)ine

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When you’re aware of all the key looks for
the season, looking at fashion shows simply becomes deciding which look a
designer chose. Number (N)ine chose the lumberjack look.

Seeing as the lumberjack look is nothing
new, they teamed it up with the oversized silhouette that’s been all the rage
in both Milan and Paris’ fashion weeks. The overall collection isn’t really
exciting as it fails to bring anything that interesting to the table, in terms
of fit and new designs. Everything in this collection has been done before and
pretty recently too. They’ve even got a long cardigan, which as you all know,
doesn’t suit any man.

If you comb through the collection like you’re
on CSI, you might find a couple of pieces you like, but these would be few and
far between.