More news from Paris: Kris van Assche vs. Dior Homme

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It’s hard to criticise Kris van Assche. He’s got such a likable wee face and he seems like a sincere intelligent bloke, as you can see from this interview with Suzy Menkes, the grande dame of fashion journalism. Gotta love Suzy. Her interview style swings between mumsy and slightly creepy and they both seem horribly embarrassed by the size of Suzy’s boom-mike. Don’t look at it Suzy!

In any case, van Assche has been given a very tough challenge. As he alludes to in this interview, he has to both build the identity his own name collection (pictured let) whilst simultaneously developing the Dior Homme brand (pictured right) and staying true to the vision of one of menswear’s best loved designers from recent years. I think he’s doing a bit of a better job with the former than the latter as the van Assche collection looked fresh and wearable whereas the Dior Homme one looked a bit gimmicky to me.
Still, I’m warming to him and I hope he can pull it off.