Brad for Edwin in Japan

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BradjeansI ain’t being funny right, but what is going on with those jeans Brad? They’re right up round your armpits. To be fair though, I think they’ve Photoshopped out a couple of his vertebrae as I don’t remember Brad being that short in the body.

This is another of Brad’s endorsements in Japan, where he’s been the face of watches, phones, coffee and banks. What is it about celebrity endorsements in Japan? Do they pay more, or is it that actors think they can do cheesy commercials there without damaging their reputation back home?

Still, if you’re going to put you’re name to something, Edwin jeans is
not a bad choice. One of the only jeans companies to still use natural
indigo, these guys are as fanatical about denim as Brad is about
endorsing products in Japan. Oipolloi are one of the UK stockists.
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