Kim Jones bags job at Dunhill

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The world and his brother are talking about it and we at Brandish can’t be left out: congratulations go to Kim Jones who has been given the job of Creative Director for Dunhill.

It is a surprising appointment – the darling of men’s sportswear teaming up with a traditional menswear label – but a very shrewd one.  Dunhill have been trying to revitalise their brand since 2005 when Richard James was brought in, but Kim will definitely bring a breath of fresh air to the label. No one does colour quite like Kimmy and his soft-edged boy-next-door masculinity is such a strong aesthetic it will help to set Dunhill apart from their rivals.
The only bad part of the news is that the Kim Jones label will take a break so Kim can concentrate on Dunhill. Boo!
[Pic – Kim Jones SS08 via gettyimages]